Integration API Reference

honeycomb.integrationmanager.integration_utils module

Honeycomb Integration Manager.

class honeycomb.integrationmanager.integration_utils.BaseIntegration(integration_data)[source]

Bases: object

Base Output Integration Class.


Process and format the output_data returned by send_event() before display.

This is currently only relevant for MazeRunner, if you don’t return an output this should return output_data without change.

Parameters:output_data – As returned by send_event()
Return type:dict
Returns:MazeRunner compatible UI output.
Raises:IntegrationOutputFormatError – If there’s a problem formatting the output data.

Poll external service for updates.

If service has enabled polling, this method will be called periodically and should act like send_event()

Parameters:integration_output_data – Output data returned by previous send_event() or poll_for_updates()
Returns:See send_event()
Raises:IntegrationPollEventError – If there’s a problem polling for updates.

Send alert event to external integration.


alert_dict – A dictionary with all the alert fields.

Return type:

tuple(dict(output_data), object(output_file))

  • IntegrationSendEventError – If there’s a problem sending the event.
  • IntegrationMissingRequiredFieldError – If a required field is missing.

A tuple where the first value is a dictionary with information to display in the UI, and the second is an optional file to be attached. If polling is enabled, the returned output_data will be passed to poll_for_updates(). If your integration returns nothing, you should return ({}, None).


Perform a test to ensure the integration is configured correctly.

This could include testing authentication or performing a test query.

Parameters:integration_data – Integration arguments.
Return type:tuple(bool(success), str(response))